CV Advice

CV advice is something important to receive before starting to write your CV. In order to apply for a good professional job, you’ll need to put together a well written CV. The CV is a one-page summary of the work you’ve done over the years in your chosen field and you would focus on the most relevant work and educational experiences. When you send your CV it’s important to send a cover letter. A cover letter helps you stand out from the crowd in terms of your passion and wanting to work at that company.

The cover letter should be a teaser for the CV rather than a repeat of your CV. If you’re not good at writing a CV, utilise a CV Writing Service because the professionals can assist you in preparing the CV in a way that pleases you and potential hiring managers.

Whether you write the CV yourself or hire a CV writing service, here are some tips you need to keep in mind…

1. In general your CV writing should include the heading, your objective, work experience, education and any honors or activities that pertain to the position you’re applying for.

2. Never exaggerate on the CV because this will backfire when the employer finds out you lied about your qualifications.

3. When you discuss your work experiences, you should write in active rather than passive voice, and you should also give specific details on the work you did.

For example, if you’re applying for a Spanish professor position, it wouldn’t be good to write “Was a head of the Spanish department at John’s College.” Instead you should write “Increased number of Spanish majors by 50% during tenure as chairperson of the Spanish department at John’s College.” Avoid the use of flowery language and stick to the point.

4. Even if your jobs weren’t paid ones, always include these in your CV if they’re related to your position. If you’re applying for a bank branch manager position and you volunteer for Junior Achievement, put this on the CV because you volunteer for an organization which helps students learn financial literacy, and this is related to banking.

If you’re utilizing a CV Writing Service, you should send a copy of your current CV so the professional can review it and make suggestions for the CV writing.

Ask questions on how you can improve your CV and be truthful about your work history and education so the professional can better assist you with the CV. Be open to any suggestions and if you disagree with some of the suggestions, politely state why and offer new ideas.